Mary Christmas (…sorry)

It’s been a busy little period recently, book-wise!

Saturday November 26th saw the cover of ‘Mary’s the Name’ revealed online.


Putting a single image out there to define your entire book, which you’ve worked on for years, is quite a scary thing. We might not like to admit it, but we DO judge books by their covers, don’t we? Fortunately for me, Anne at Cranachan has absolutely knocked it out of the park. And I’m not the only one who thinks so; that Saturday, myself and Cranachan received many compliments and excited messages about the book. I may not feel like a ‘real’ writer yet, but something as simple as this excellent cover makes me feel like I’m getting there.


Three days later, the advanced review copies arrived at Cranachan.


Although I had to wait a little longer to get my hands on one, this was still such an exciting moment for me. My wee story about a girl named Mary has come a long way since early 2015 when I randomly chose Skye as a good place to run away to. It’s a real, really real, physical, actual, can hold it in your hands, real book.


Saturday December 3rd was a big day.


Helen from Cranachan met me in Falkirk to present me with my copy of ‘Mary’s the Name’. Y’know, it’s even better in the flesh. Did I mention it’s a REAL BOOK THAT YOU CAN FLICK THROUGH AND IT’S GOT PAGE NUMBERS AND COPYRIGHT BLAH BLAH AND ALL THE PROPER THINGS BOOKS HAVE. Put simply, this was a dream come true. Thank you, Cranachan.

Half an hour later, I was reading from the book at ‘Wooer with Words’, a monthly spoken word event held in Coffee on Wooer, Falkirk.


(photo: What Eddie Sees)

It’s fair to say there’s a difference between reading from sheets of A4 and reading from a real (REAL) book. I was able to perform more confidently than previous airings of ‘MTN’. I was chuffed with how the reading went, and the response of those attending, but I’m already looking at ways of improving my performance of these passages and look forward to bringing Mary to more people!

Now begins a lot of behind-the-scenes bits and pieces to get everything ready for the publication date. Now also begins advanced copies of the book being sent out to bloggers and reviewers. I’m not nervous. YOU’RE NERVOUS.

If you’re already getting sick of seeing posts about ‘Mary’s the Name’…strap in.


7 thoughts on “Mary Christmas (…sorry)

      1. I was there for the injury but wasn’t aware of the extent of it…dang mate that sucks. To be fair I think this weekend was going to be my last chance for a game as I’m away to Spain and then home for christmas. Hope it sorts itself out soon 🙂


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