On the Eve of Publication of Mary’s the Name

There’s only hours to go before my debut novel, Mary’s the Name, is released. I feel a great deal of pride in the book, but I also feel so lucky to be in this position. The book was mostly written during the summer of 2015, where I sat inside, out of the sun, listening to the radio and typing out my story. I had no idea if anyone would ever read it. I just had to believe: in myself, in the story, and that someday, people might get to meet Mary Sutherland. I’ll probably never be able to properly convey my gratitude to Cranachan Publishing for publishing Mary’s the Name, but for now, I’ll just say: thank you.

I also want to share some photos from the Class of 2004 Braehead Primary yearbook…


These probably don’t need to be explained. Tomorrow, I will wake up a published author. A dream come true.


Thank you everyone who has supported me, read the book, read bits of the book, read my blog, liked my Tweets, liked my Facebook posts, asked me for a first edition, asked me for a bookmark, asked for a swatch of my Tinder, spread the word to friends and family, spread the word to co-workers you don’t usually speak to, congratulated me, celebrated with me. Thank you. I can’t wait for everyone to meet Mary.

Alright, enough of this gooey sh…ow of emotion. Here’s my primary yearbook pic:


That’s right, I used to rock an Adidas polo instead of the standard all-white school-sanctioned polo. Fortunately, I was able to ditch this bad boy image and look where I am now.


Pre-order Mary’s the Name on Amazon now!

4 thoughts on “On the Eve of Publication of Mary’s the Name

  1. No way! Janet, my main character, is a Sutherland, too!
    Look forward to meeting you at the launch, Ross. Huge Congratulations. I know how this feels: dream come true, slightly unreal, mad blur, buzz and joy all mixed together. It’s quite a ride. Enjoy! x


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