Mary’s The Name -Ross Sayers

Scottish Crime Fiction Blogger and Author


I happened across an ad for this book while scrolling through Twitter one night and the blurb immediately enticed me. Something about it just drew me right in, perhaps it was the reference to #WittyScotsBanter that grabbed me or the bond between Mary and her granpa but I knew that I had to read it! So a huge thank you to Ross Sayers and Cranachan Books (what a superb Scottish name for a publisher!) for the ARC, which I volunteered to read and to provide my honest review.

Ross has also kindly written a short guest post about the character of Mary:

Guest Post – Ross Sayers

Do you ever find yourself having a really childish thought, or not knowing a basic fact and having to Google it to avoid embarrassment? Well, I do. Fortunately, I was able to take all these silly thoughts and put them into a character.

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