And I say Hey! What’s going on? Are things going on? Let’s find out!

Hi friends.


If you are reading this then maybe you’ll be willing to read a little further. All the way to a third sentence, for example. Hey, you did it. Now the fifth sentence. We’re really cooking.


I haven’t written anything in about a month, so instead of doing some real writing, on a book, short story, or cheeky limerick, I thought I would do one of these ‘blogs’ so many young people are getting involved with. (I hear blogging is the new TikTok. And stealing dust caps off cars is going to be the new blogging in 6-8 months).


2020 is looking like a decent year? At the moment? Could all change of course? Any minute now? But nah, it’s looking alright.


I’ve recently moved to Edinburgh and started a new job. So I haven’t written in a while. This whole ‘real writers write every day’ thing is such bullshit. But so is every piece of writing advice. Don’t listen to writers. They’re idiots. And if they do have good writing advice, they’ll keep it to themselves. Why would they give it out? Writing is too competitive as it is. I actually purposefully give out bad advice to better my chances. For example, you should definitely write in Scots. And write Young Adult. There is a huge demand for YA in Scots. You’ll make so much money, you’ll be able to fill a small inflatable pool in your living room that you bought from Argos with fivers and splash around in it. You will be able to take a photo for Instagram and will contact you for a sponsorship deal.


Next month, I’ve a week off work and I’m doing four school visits/appearances. I’ve never done that many so close together before so I’m a little nervous. Also the fact that I am really not that confident in my ability to pass on writing advice and that kind of thing. Like, these schools could get so many better writers than me. More qualified folk. I feel bad for them. But hey I’m going to give it a bash. I’m definitely going to tell them to write YA in Scots. Suckers.


And I’m doing an event with the fantastic Caroline Logan at Aye Write next month too. I was a last minute replacement x2 at Aye Write in 2017 so it’s nice to go back. I still feel as unqualified as I did back then.


In November, my third book, ‘Daisy on the Outer Line’ comes out. I’m still not sure if it’s any good or not. The cover is quite cool though, that’ll be out soon. Oh and I’ve made a right arse of one of the main plot points in it and my publisher only made me realise it today completely by accident so I’m going to need to rewrite it sharpish ahaha yass.


Probably shouldn’t say my next book isn’t good eh? I dunno. I think my first two books are fairly wank most of the time so who knows.


At the end of last year I wrote a first draft of a Sonny and Me sequel which I think is pretty good. (I think it’s pretty good because I raced through it and haven’t read it back and so have not yet grown to despise it).


And yeah. I think that’s it for the time being. I definitely have more self-doubt than I used to before I had books published, which is a strange thing. It honestly changes day by day whether I think my books/writing is any good or not. But, maybe that’s a good thing? I’m writing this here where not many folk will read it cause I’m not looking for reassurance or anything, just to write it down somewhere. Maybe writers are supposed to struggle with believing in their work.


Was going to end this by telling folk who haven’t read my books to go and buy one but I’ve not exactly made them sound great so I wouldn’t if I were you. Maybe if you see one in a charity shop for a pound, pick it up. (I did find a copy of Mary’s the Name in Oxfam Books on Byres Road and I would just like to say…Anne, I signed that copy for you. I’m not sure if you didn’t like it or wanted someone else to experience the book but please get in touch.)


Oh, and I’m not much of a binger these days but I watched all of Bojack Horseman in a month and now I feel like life won’t ever be the same.


And when is Bo Burnham going to do another stand up special, that man is my hero.


How do you end a blog anyway?


Peace and love.






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