Using Tinder to Promote ‘Mary’s the Name’

(Please note: all screenshots were taken with the other person’s permission) These days, everyone’s after new ways of advertising and promoting. More importantly, everyone’s after free ways of advertising and promoting. My publisher, Cranachan, asked me to think of as many creative ways to publicise Mary’s the Name as I could. Having used Tinder (not very successfully) before, I knew […]

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Mary Christmas (…sorry)

It’s been a busy little period recently, book-wise! Saturday November 26th saw the cover of ‘Mary’s the Name’ revealed online. Putting a single image out there to define your entire book, which you’ve worked on for years, is quite a scary thing. We might not like to admit it, but we DO judge books by […]

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Wait, you’re still editing?

Since signing my contract to publish ‘Mary’s the Name’, the question I’m most often asked is: ‘What’s the latest with the book?’ And no matter how much time seems to pass, my answer comes back the same: ‘Still just editing to get it perfect.’ Which, let’s face it, is the most boring thing you can […]

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Three Poems

Perhaps They’ll Listen Now It is June, 1889, and Vincent Van Gogh is painting ‘Starry Night’, the view from his sanatorium room. When I think of him, he is drinking mugs and mugs of coffee, smoking copiously and muttering that his art is nothing but swirly crap. Fast forward to June, 1971, and Don McLean […]

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